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We offer two meetings a week, both on zoom,

Sundays at 6pm and Thursdays at 8am (EST),


for the first Sunday of the month! We meet in person and not on zoom. See below for more details.

For both zoom meetings, use Zoom ID number 319-189-5760 and, if prompted, the password "kiss."

Or you can use this link and go directly to the meeting: 


If you are calling in, dial 929-205-6099 and follow directions.

Email Ann S. at asmithtapping@gmail.com for more information.

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In Person Meetings 

As of January 2024, we are still meeting exclusively on zoom EXCEPT for the first Sunday of the month. See below for directions to the United Presbyterian Church. 

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If you are interested in attending a face-to-face OA meeting, please just come. You don't need to call the contact person. Please note the difference between OPEN and CLOSED meetings:

In Bloomington, we have both open and closed OA meetings. The OA meetings listed below are open to everyone except when noted.

An OPEN meeting is open to anyone interested in learning about OA, whether they consider themselves a compulsive overeater or not.

A CLOSED meeting is limited to people who have a desire to stop eating compulsively.


 As of January 2024, we meet here only on the first Sunday of the month (at 6pm).

  • Sunday 6:00 pm: United Presbyterian Church, 1701 E. Second St., Bloomington, IN 47401.  Enter through the side door on Eastside Drive. Go up the    stairs, straight down the hall past the Sanctuary.  The meeting is  in the Community Meeting Room at the far end.
  • NOTE: This is a discussion meeting.
    • [CLOSED MEETING (see definition above) except for 1st Sunday of the month.]

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At our meetings we share our experience, strength, and hope in OA. We have found that compulsive overeating is frequently a disease of isolation, that we tend to use food in replacement of appropriate relationships. In the rooms of OA, we can share our true selves along with our experience of recovery.

Crosstalk, advice giving, and feedback on what people say during meetings is discouraged. Only the person sharing his/her own experiences has any clue as to what is really going on. We don't even try to walk in one another's shoes. We find that the most successful groups have provided love and support to other OA members, preferring to let Higher Power and that person solve the issues at hand.